10 most frequent inquiries and answers:

  1. What is the woodshed’s weight? 65-120kg,special 180 kg, two people can carry the woodshed easily.In case of a special type of woodshed, it can be carried by more people. 
  2. Can you carry the woodshed over the fence? I only have a narrow gate. The woodshed is transported in the assembled condition, if necessary on the installation site, we can dismantle the woodshed to move it in. The detailed dimensions for the passage can be found in the technical drawing on the dimensions page.
  3.  Is planning permit required for construction? We guarantee, definitely not.
  4.  How much wood should I order? The cited volume is mathematical, so in case of chopped wood it corresponds to the lcm unit (loose cubic metre). In the photo gallery, we have a small illustration of the volume of a large woodshed.
  5.  Will payment on the spot upon receipt do? Yes, it will do, for mutual trust we do not require advance payment.
  6.  Is it possible to insert “door reinforcement”, i.e. when it is possible to enter the woodshed, into a product, which has already been purchased? Yes, after making small alterations and inserting 2 pieces of reinforcement, everything is ready for use. 
  7. Is it possible to put the woodshed on the lawn? Yes, the only condition is the evenness of the chosen site; the grate is designed so that it could not sink into it. Of course, any foundation built under the woodshed is an advantage, see the photo gallery. 
  8. How long will it take wood to get dry? I can guarantee to the owners of one woodshed that if they store wood in March – April, it will be reasonably dry for the next heating season. It is certainly better to allow wood to get dry until next year, so you will need two woodsheds to alternate them.
  9.  Is it possible to move the woodshed? One of the main advantages of our woodsheds is that they can be easily moved around to find an ideal spot based on past experience of using, and in case of any change in the layout of the spot itself.
  10. Where to place the woodshed? If you have only a vague idea of how and where to put the woodshed in the garden, do not hurry to build the base. Wait until we deliver the woodshed, then we will install it on trial on the intended spot. After the layout is agreed on, you can work undisturbed on building the base. It is not a problem to hammer the anchoring pegs on your own.

What should you bear in mind?

 Carefully measure the area for handling the woodshed to move it in, its height + width, because the woodshed is delivered in the assembled condition.Otherwise, the roof can be dismantled, or it is necessary to ensure more people.

Consultation in advance. Does it make sense to buy another, cheaper woodshed?

Our woodshed is delivered in the assembled condition, by nature and for the reasons of construction it is inevitable.It means that it is not a folded piece in a box from a supermarket, which is basically undersized in material, and so anyone is responsible for the result, because they folded and built it themselves. Example: our square woodsheds with the volume 4 m3 weigh 180 kg.It is one welded piece, which is completely hot-dip galvanized after the welding. So you invest in things for future generations. Another fact in favour of our circular woodsheds is the price paid for the drying and storage of one m³ wood.



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